Changing the way the world flies.

SkyNRG is a global leader in Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF). CHOOOSE builds digital tools to make climate action part of everyday life. We’re working together to make SAF the global standard in air travel.

Every aircraft should fly on SAF.

If the aviation industry was a country, it would rank sixth in global carbon emissions (EESI). The largest portion of these emissions is related to the combustion of jet fuel. It’s clear that alternative energies like hydrogen and electricity are not realistic in the foreseeable future (IATA). However, SAF can be easily used in the aviation industry and drastically cut emissions immediately. Now is the time.


Environmental benefits.

Drastic CO2 reduction

SAF cuts emissions from flying by 80% compared to fossil jet fuel.

Air quality improvement

Particle and sulphur pollution is reduced by 90% and 100% respectively.

Fuel use reduction

SAF decreases fuel use by up to 3%. That's millions of liters every year.

How it works.

1) Feedstock
Feedstock is any material that can be used to produce fuel. We use sustainable feedstocks, which can include used cooking oil or agricultural waste.

2) Converting to SAF
There are currently nine approved methods of creating SAF. And one way of converting the aviation industry. You.

3) Blending and distributing
SAF needs to be blended with fossil jet fuel, then it's ready to use, all with the existing infrastructure. That's it!


Changing the way the world flies.

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